yt; yinghaiying


Dear Diary,

ive been watching the yt channel of this woman, shes very wise and shes helped me feel alright and accept what it is that im dealing with. the channels name is yinghaiying. wonderful woman, at her age, she posts the things she loves doing and some pieces of advice from her own experiences. she makes me feel calm and she glimpses hope whenever i feel like theres none. this feels like an exaggerated statement, but not really. i hope people who see this will be able to feel her endearing presence. she often tells the viewers how shes very happy even when she faces tribulations, and that to me, is amazing. she makes me think about what success would mean to me. would it be material things that define that word, or to live life like this peaceful woman who very much touches souls just by encouraging people to always be kind, and appreciate the little things as they come.