January 03, 2021


Dear Diary, 

What if the diary could talk? It would have been a great thing.

Right now I am in the train travelling to Raipur.

I am having a slight headache because I cried a little.

I realised that I am very low since few days. I don't feel like talking to anyone. Yes , I always keep smiling at home coz I don't my parents to see me like this. I am the cheerful girl infront of them like I used to be, full of life.

But I am sad I don't feel like talking to anyone, I feel like nobody will like to listen to my shit and to whom I want to talk keeps ignoring me nowadays. What to do, the cycle goes on.

I know it's completely on me to make myself happy but...

Gn I will sleep now my head is aching.

Hoping to have a good day tomorrow.