October 13, 2020


Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner 

Review 😁 

I kinda was obsessed over this shampoo ever since I saw about it on YouTube. Most of them said it helps to grow out your hair and stuffs like that. I was super tempted. So right before the lockdown began, I went to Walmart and found it in pet section, since this shampoo is for both humans and horses😋. Conditioner wasn't available in the store. So, I got only the shampoo and was super excited to try it the next day. I also ordered the conditioner on Amazon right away but didn't wait for it to try out the shampoo. 

The smell wasn't so bad but the bottle was heavy to use it each time. So I transferred it to my empty body wash bottle for easier usage. The conditioner was a smaller one but it wasn't so easy to squeeze out the conditioner from it either.

I didn't see that much difference in my hair texture or anything. It was okay. I think it helped my hair grow. 

I wouldn't be repurchasing it. The size and the weight of the bottle was such a turn off. 

If anyone wants to try it, go ahead. It's kinda effective in hair growth process.