July 14, 2020, last page


Darling ghost, this is probably my last. As I thought letting go is the best feeling. I will probably love night forever. I will probably never live my dreams. But it's okay. It might not be okay but it's okay. I will live. I will love. I will despair. I will always want something or someone. I have been writing here for about 4 months now and this is probably the last page of my open diary. My first pen name was monogatari which means a tale or a story in japanese. I kept it that way because I wanted to share stories and also because I couldn't think of anything else. Towards the end I changed it to incomplete human because i realised that, that's what I am. I might never know. I might never rise. I might never kiss the starlight. I might never dance but still, I will say it again: as the spiralling snow fell on my brow, wonders of the earth fell beneath my door. One more night to relive my light. One more choice to overcome my fear. One more effort to redeem my soul. Love don't wait too long. People call me in my world and I hope you will find me.

Your S***** D***