July 14, E:5


Hi Krishna, So from where should I start?
Yesterday, my exams results were out. And I scored more than I had ever expected after the papers. This totally happened because of corona. All the exam copies were checked in a rush, also they didn't wanted to give students any further mental tension so Maybe a lot of leniency was there. I got 90.2%

I actually called the maths teacher. And when she told, I asked her to re-verify twice. And then the school also called on it's on behalf, for the photo session. A thousands of relatives were informed.(Exaggeration/ Hyperbole). Well wishes started flowing from all the ten directions. I was too much over-joyed with happiness.(Maybe because Dopamines were on new Highs😜) It was quite a moment for us. 

Today also, newspaper had a pic of mine(Not just mine, ok. 45 people more), although it was in the school's ad, but yeah I was there, on the front page of a local daily... I also came to know results of many other classmates.

But, The person whose results I wanted to hear, didn't reach me, My beloved ex.... Surely, she would have outshined many people(this totally includes me, I'm nothing in front of her academically) again this year too. 

Also, We went to the same teacher with some sweets, She told us the good news afterall. (You know back some time, the postman used to bring news related to people, like someone's job, or birth of a child, things like that. In those days, if he brought goodnews, he was given sweets and money and what not.) (Same tradition was followed by kings, the news bearer were their servants, and in case of bad news, they also gave punishments.) Maybe that's why I gave her sweets. (But don't write in comments, what if she had brought a bad news😂) and also she taught me very well. I scored 86 in maths. It's totally due to her. That's more than what, I could have ever  bargained for. 

Highest was Bio, with 98.  Had a little regret with English, 89. I wanted it to cross 90. But I am happy with what you gave me dear.

Now, the entrane exam is still waiting to be held in September. I got good score here, due to the reasons I stated above, but there would be a total strictness in NEET. I got to study hard. Will I make it? Who knows? God knows! But hey, you are God!!!