November 06, 2019


Yesterday I went to see a play with my friends and my boyfriend. I want him to like my workplace friends and us to became a friend gang - well, at least friends that get along. I just started this job and since it is my first job, and I really love my boyfriend, I want to involve him to the new environment that I have now. 

Well, that does not go as planned right now because my friend, let's call him O, does not really act around my boyfirned as he acts around me and S (My closest friend in the company right now).

After the event my boyfriend told me that he did not like O. *Well, fuck.* I really wanted him and them toget along. And I asked him why, he said some stuff and he is right to be mad about it. It actually confused me bacuse it is not the typical O that I'm used to. However I only know him for like 1 month and when I think about it, it actually started to make sense. I sensed that he can be ambitious and selfish sometimes and he is like that to my boyfriend btw lets call him A. And I forgot to tell that O has a girlfriend and she was there that night. S is married, and her husband was there too. 

Anyways, that was not the point.

Apart from those, the play was really good it was the kind of art that moves you somehow. It was about the life of a famous mathematician in my country.