Danish Marta's Dear Diary

January 16, 2022
Dear Diary, Life seems fairly right right now. I mena it is all peaceful around me. I haven't cried in last few days. I feel happy and content. I am trying to study and get better.  Yeah, nothing much.
Jan 16
January 15, 2022
Dear Diary, Update date five-six-and more Life is silent bcz I am silent, I kinda stopped talking. It was weird. But now I like it. This is all just not for me you know.  Thats it. Tatatatatatat
Jan 15
January 11, 2022
Dear Diary,  Update Four : So the thing is, half was good and the other half was awesome.   I mean there were some times when I was stressed and just about to give up, but then I felt a sense of relief inside that, woah, woah, woah, wait a mi
Jan 11
January 10, 2022
Dear Diary,  Update day three : It was a good day, as I didnt interact with anyone. So I dont know. But it was a good day. I did some work. Spent time with myself. And all.  Today is the fourth day now, and I have some risky plans, but let's
Jan 10
January 09, 2022
Dear Diary, today i woke up with a long conversation inside me. I didnt wanted to disturb that conversation, so i didnt do any work, sat there and listened to myself telling things to myself.
Jan 09
January 08, 2022
Dear Diary, Update Day Two Failed again, great claps for me.
Jan 08
January 08, 2022
Dear Diary, Update : I failed, I mean I was a total lost cause yesterday. Hahahha. Yesterday I was sad about it, but now, I am laughing about it. I can never undo this, never ever. So what to do now,  L toh lag gaye he. But, at least I t
Jan 08
January 07, 2022
Dear Diary, jindagi me typos khatam nahi hote, kahe?
Jan 07
January 07, 2022
Lets all pray for better times Pray to God, Universe or Anyone you wish, lets just pray
Jan 07
January 06, 2022
Dear Diary, Hello, I don't even know what I am feeling today. I sure don't want to be sad and upset. But there are waves of sadness hitting me every once in a while. This is big step. And I can't even stop it. I just wish, from now on, I be the good
Jan 06
January 04, 2022
Dear Diary, it is 7:09 am right now.  And I was thinking about life in general. How we are told that we experience similar situations and yet we are so different from one another.  If only we could share it intimately, all this similar experiences, a
Jan 04
January 02, 2022
Dear Diary, today everything is mocking me. From my laptop to my will to live, everyone annoyingly went on their strike of not working.  I tried to be patient about it, but hell I snapped.  Hope tomorrow will be better.
Jan 02
December 30, 2021
Dear Diary, Hey, Hello, How are you Diary? So, as you can see the date, today is the second last day of the year, and man I have to say, what an year it was! Full of chaos and mess and beauty and despair and magic and oxygen and what not.
Dec 30