Lagtik's Dear Diary

Dear Diary, a moment from today stuck into my mind.  A guy riding a tricycle waved to someone he might have known  and he looks so happy.  I can't do these stuff.  Well, I am not them. So hey.  Still, sunshine's words hold weight t
Jul 28
Little one and me = me and sunshine ?
Dear Diary, I just had a mind boggling realization.. Sunshine just likes kids. And I am a kid myself.  Well in comparison to him. Hahha. I realized this a little earlier than now when I was with a kid so small but cute and know
Jul 27
July 27, 2021
Dear Diary, Let me list things down that I take for granted. - I live in a house provided by my uncle who doesn't even live in it. - This form of mine have been maintained for 21 years - I have a mom and a sister - I live with an extended family -
Jul 26
July 26, 2021
Dear Diary, Both my mom and my sister can sleep relatively early and also wake up early while I don't.  What a situation I have here.  Both of them are sleeping. And looks soundly. While I can't risk sleeping early coz i might have nightmares
Jul 26
July 26, 2021
Dear Diary, the upper part of my head is big that it is heavy enough for me to notice it but not much. Today i'm bothered by my forehead and how it looks ugly. And how sunshine's forehead is also exposed in his picture but still manages to lo
Jul 26
July 26, 2021
Dear Diary,  Today I slept early and so I woke up in the middle of the night feeling terrified. The lights of the neighbor's kitchen is lit up as well.  Motorcycles, tricycles and what sounds like a truck just passed by I'm writing so
Jul 25
Yesterday and today
Dear Diary, A few days earlier than today I dreamt of having my ears nibbled by a stranger who I have a memory of seeing April 30 2018. And it felt real and it felt good but I somehow pushed him away. I also think that he has been in my dream
Jul 21
July 19, 2021
Dear Diary, Yesterday one of my younger cousin went with her father and will be gone for quite a while.  I noticed that I sleep better with her not around. Or maybe it is generally because of the lesser amount of people inside the house.  I w
Jul 18
Sunshine and I
Dear Diary, Yes, I compare myself to Sunshine some time.  There's this age gap that will ofcourse not close in. It'll be a constant thing. In this lifetime I could never dream of being on par with him. (Though there were times that I did) He'
Jul 18
First born squishes
Dear Diary, This thought came up my mind days ago, It is that all my major squishes are first borns. What I know is that Sunshine is his parent's sole child, which I guess also counts as a first born. I myself act as a first born within o
Jul 18
Sunshine 05
Dear Diary, You see, I sent messages in a group chat with the intention of expressing myself to a certain person that I respect. Sunshine. I felt like it would be intrusive of me to just contact him directly, and so we had a group chat where
Jul 04
June 25, 2021
Dear Diary, I don't wanna grow up
Jun 25
Sunshine 04: Good flirt
Dear Diary, Hormones naman kasi e. Ano ba problema mo ha. Tapos eto naman si sir Good flirt. Flirt para sa lahat. You make people feel that they are liked. Maganda yun. Nabuboost yung self confidence ng mga tao sa paligid mo, nafeel ko nga y
Jun 02
On being a kid
Dear Diary,  Bata pa din ako. Narinig ko to sa mga classmate ko nung college nung kami kami na lang naiwan sa room tapos kausap nila yung anatomy teacher namin. Ang sabi parang magdalaga ka na kasi.  Napapaisp ako dun tapos ngayon parang may
Jun 02
Sunshine 03 : Fantasy
Dear Diary,  I don't have any connection right now kay Sunshine. I was just thinking, if ever na dumating sa point (which is never gonna happen) na baka magoffer siya nung parehas na inoffer niya siguro kay classmate A na maging 'anak-anakan' niy
Jun 02