Hayti's Dear Diary

September 15, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi
Sep 15
September 07, 2023
Hello reader, I had a dream about 2 days ago and I saw kind of the same picture of an event in that dream, on instagram with the same person but in my dream it was me with the person (Person was with another human in the picture). The first time I sa
Sep 07
September 01, 2023
Yow, Sleep wasn’t good last night and of course affects my waking hours. Thought you should know. I had a series of mini nightmares causing medium fear every few hours that made me wake up. I was really sleepy like sleeping felt good to me an
Aug 31
July 18, 2023
Dear Fate, I’m not sure about how i feel right now. Disappointed? not quite but maybe there is some of it somewhere in me.  I just know that I have witnessed my incapacity to do stuff. It is not a positive experience but also not necessarily
Jul 18
June 13, 2023
Dear Diary, When i went home from school, I cried. I realized that I’m lonely because of my horrible lack of social skills and lots of stuff that i avoid so that consequences won’t happen.  This started last night and I thought I was just having
Jun 13
January 16, 2023
Hey tod, i'm having the thought of wanting to dye again, if you know what i mean xD That is all .. Being a living human being is troublesome
Jan 16
November 08, 2022
Hi tod (the open diaries), It has been a whilee, and i think it's nearing the mark of 2 yrs since we met. I remember you sometimes and check the writings over here. Though, I haven't written for a looong while and my writing hasn't improved. sill
Nov 08