GemWriter's Dear Diary

November 11, 2020
Dear Phoebe, If 2020 gave me anything... that would have to be me embracing my sexual urges. I used to be disappointed and feel dirty everytime I gave in to my drive. But this month I came to embrace it. I touch myself everytime I want it. This i
Nov 11
October 14, 2020
Dear Phoebe, I've been wanting to write here but I have forgotten my password. Anyhow... I'm going to share my whirlpool of experience with online dating. I think I have gotten the hang of it now. I no longer get too attached nor hurt nor dis
Oct 13
August 29, 2020
Dear Phoebe, So last time I told you about my snapchat friend. I started working again and we have not talked for days. I told you I was okay about it.  But he did chat after 2 days. We started chill and fun until it has gotten like a roller
Aug 29
August 22, 2020
Dear Phoebe, So this is the second day he did not message me. I gave him the permission to ghost me whenever he feels like not talking anymore... Because between the two of us, it is I who cannot give in yet and go deeper. So it's okay. I me
Aug 22
August 17, 2020
Dear Phoebe, I don't think you're goanna hear the end of this anytime soon. 😂 It's again, about the guy who I'm chatting with right now who I met online.  It's like a whole week crazy love story. He keeps on telling me that he wants to marry
Aug 16
August 13, 2020
Dear Phoebe, I'm not really into dating. Not into a lot of things when it comes to romance and all. But I know that I'm not getting any younger so I'd like to rekindle my flirty side because I think I just set it aside when I was younger that's w
Aug 12
August 10, 2020
Dear Phoebe, So Today. I have gotten the courage to search for my "missed chance on love guy". I forgot his name few days ago but his name popped in my head today so I've searched for his name on LinkedIn, just like what I did five yrs ago. I
Aug 10
August 07, 2020
My diary's name is Phoebe-Dear Phobe, I just figured out why I like New Girl series. It reminds me so much of Friends characters. Both Jess and Phoebe are quirky but in diff forms. Both Nick and Chandler use humor to avoid hard and awkward conversati
Aug 07