Star/sissy's Dear Diary

February 19, 2020
Dear Diary,so we finally got to see our daughter new baby nico Layne he's so cute I love all my kids and grandkids please God bless all of them
Feb 19
February 19, 2020
Dear Diary,this shit sucks trying to find a way somewhere to pick up my meds and can't get anyone to take me boy I can't wait till Friday when we get our truck legal and on the first we're moving out into our own place I can't wait please lord please
Feb 19
February 19, 2020
Dear Diary,so my son has been in the psychiatric hospital for 96 hours but yesterday the jail came back to get him to take him back there but before that two days ago the hospital gave him some medication that he had a bad reaction to he was mumbling
Feb 19
February 12, 2020
Dear Diary,so my son tried drowning himself in jail and now he's in the pyc unit lord please get us through all this ALIVE.....cause with out him I dont think I could go on he's my life please God keep him safe......
Feb 13
February 10, 2020
Dear Diary,give me strength lord and let me stay strong for Brandon he needs me to stay strong for him through everything he's going through so I've got to get my act together and get my life right so I can help him so lord I ask all this in ur name
Feb 11
February 09, 2020
Dear Diary,I can't take anymore stress they say God will not give you more than u can take but,I feel like he's giving me alot...I know everyone has there own problems and some are worse then others and I pray for everyone out there that today they h
Feb 09