Decay's Dear Diary

May 12, 2024
Dear Diary, I am feeling so lazy I can't move my limb,  And I cant even blink,  I feel link sinking.
May 12
May 09, 2024
Dear Diary, My mind,  Is a world itself,  A dimension that hasnt been discovered,  With words never bothered to be voiced,  Thoughts that didnt have meaning to others,  Take a dive, you will find it familiar,  It is all about you here,
May 09
May 08, 2024
Dear Diary, It's so soft,  I like your hair.  But, then again,  I like everything about you.
May 08
April 28, 2024
Dear Diary, I can't keep you close,  I can only keep you in my heart,  No one would know,  No one would care.
Apr 28
April 27, 2024
Dear Diary, If all I have is one second to see All I want to see is your face, Smiling and happy And I will ingrave your image in memory,  To be replayed over and over When darkness swallow me.
Apr 27
October 05, 2023
Dear Diary, My flight is soon. Very soon. 3 weeks away is sooo soon to me.  I am dreading it, yet I long for it.  I am scared of the change, yet I dream of it.  I am happy here but there, is where my love is.  I am stressed here but I cried the
Oct 05
September 25, 2023
Dear Diary, This is hard. I've been living in a slump lately. I am disappointed in myself. Everyday is same. I badly want to change to be better but this is soooo freaking hard. It's like my mind couldn't tell my body to react. My soul is almost si
Sep 25
September 08, 2019
Dear Diary, I heard a the door of my room opened and my little bro came into view. That strange since he never come to mine at night. I just allowed him to sleep with me and switch the lqmp off again. He fast asleep but then I heard a faint sound
Sep 08