May 12, 2024, 12.43 am And I'm thinking bout you.


Dear Diary,

I don't know.

Bad things won't hurt me.

Good ones do.

It doesn't hurt me but that doesn't mean I forget.

It hurts me but that doesn't mean it won't made me happy.

I loved the wrong person.

No, I saw the wrong person at late time.

Now I can't let go of the

wrong person and the wrong time.

I'm still stuck in the wrong time.

I don't know when will I leave this time.

I know, if I want to,I would.

If I make my mind, I could.

But I don't want to.

I don't know. 

Is it love? Attachment? Or Obsession?

But I ended up somewhere where I don't want to do anything but remember:

That person

That wrong time

That moments

That pain

It hurts me every night that I don't get to see you tomorrow morning.

But what I can do?

I remember those days when you wouldn't come everyday.

But seeing you one day is enough for me to live with the memory of you.

I don't have any hopes or desire to be with you.

I know you belong to someone else.

And that's why I stopped stepping forward in my dreams when I see you there.

I want you to be happy, I want you to marry the one you love right now.

I don't want you to break up with her. 

Coz I don't want you to break.

I know, we won't see each other again.

No, I won't see you anymore

But I still wish for you to be happy from far.

At the same time, I don't have that courage to see you again with her.

I won't come to your wedding if I get the chance.

My heart won't take that.

I don't know, why you're in my mind rn?

And I don't know, if someone can replace you?

I don't know, if replacing you with someone would make me forget you?

I don't know, am I afraid to love someone? And that's y I want to hold on to your memory?

I don't know,

I love you even it's not love.

You make me cry and also happy.

Do something.