#18 May 11, 2024


Dear Diary,

I am feeling so bad right now. I gotta study a lot and I still have not studied much. I mean I have tried to study one chapter but I ended up feeling tired towards the end so left it uncompleted.

I am feeling so tired right now. I just submitted some applications for internship but I am freaking exhausted now. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety regarding an internship place. I literally wasted two months and didn't submit any application. I hate it about myself. Why can't I just begin at time? 

I feel so bad right now. I freaking hate it when people ignore me and those girls in that group are constantly ignoring the freak out of me. Are they really my friends? I mean, seriously? I am always trying to help others and when it's my turn, nobody is there. I freaking feel like people take me for granted. I hate it so much. I have extreme dislike for those girls, as if they're not true friends. As if I hate them so much. I seriously hate them a lot. I don't know what to do. I freaking hate them so much. I hate the whole world.