November 17, 2023


Dear ghost,

On a worn out red chair, I wheeled towards him. I closed the distance  between us. But even if I wished for romance, it was just an action without ulterior motive. I do not have it in me to like a person for the sake of loving, my love thrive in shrine of a person. And he was not someone i could offer such effort. I was just moving closer to the heater beneath his desk. At the cost of my comfort, I listened to his awkward opinion. His demeanor was a substance of reluctance. We talked on life, books and willpower. Throughout the dried out conversation, he only taught me how different someone can be. I was immaturely baffled by how he failed to see it. So I abruptly stood up and left. Call me cowards, runaway, or any insults but I thought, to people of his kind, arguing or refuting will only be an act of stupidity.

But before i did, he said, "one must have purpose in life" purpose? I am actually  not a right person to argue on it. However, I know plenty of my monotonous friend barely knowing what they shall be ten years down the line. There purpose could only be money. Even so would it be a crime to want basic lifestyle? Would it be so bad to just live?" Do you really need to succeed in life?" Can't a person just live to see another day?"

You're even as I fear to be.