November 10, 2023


Dear ghost, 

When i close my eyes ever so lightly, I see a dragon snoring on a lavender field. I see a princess with a flowing gown locked in the dungeon. I see the sorcerer floating and laughing in the air. I see bouquet of desperate love scattered in temple of worship. 

More than that, I see freedom. I see a crack in the story that will allow me to seize the life of a wanderer. To tread trails winding through a dark forest and meet the elves of a shire. To find a tiny cottage on top of an enormous tortoise and sluggishly hunt for the vampire. To build a castle on silver clouds and eavesdrop on giants planning their rebellions. To dine inside a palace so deep in the ocean and fight the temptation of the sirens. To sleep on tree barely holding my weight and hide from the angry dwarves. To walk in a battle led by the prideful warrior and find love despite the tragedy. To regally live in a fortress of eternal winter and caress the fur of a spoiled leopard sleeping on my lap. To sleep beside a mystical lion on a swaying boat and seek the mermaids caught by the fisherman. To do every possible thing beyond what the world can offer. For it is a world where magic exist.

Yours even as I fear to be.