August 05, 2023


Dear Stranger, 

They took her away. They just... Took her. "Oh they're an old couple they'll take good care of her!" 
Right, because old people can't be assholes. We didn't get to say goodbye. I know she's just a kitten, but we've been taking care of her and the others for three months since they were born in our garage, I don't know these people, she can't just go with the first random stranger that thinks she's cute. 
We were so angry yesterday, they didn't consult us, didn't tell us anything, just let her go with them. They might never come back, we might never see her again, we don't know their names, their address. It's eating me up not knowing.

It's stupid to be upset about this I know, there are worse things going on in the world and in my life. I'm too sensitive, once again.