August 04, 2023 #434


Dear Diary,

At first I was excited when I heard I am very likely to go to business trips to foreign countries next year at earliest. 

But after spending 5 months in this workplace, I am not excited anymore. Rather i am scared. I will be only female in the business trip group. And I will be the youngest. Young girl alone in the middle aged men group.

Usual working hours are kinda okay, still enough to say uncomfortable sometimes. But company drinking party is much much worse. That sexism based/gender biased talk…sexual harassment-ish acts but they are very good at keep it in gray zone. So that I felt like I have to take these as joke but not really. So annoying. 

What if I go to a business trip with some of them? Do I have to smile on my face when they make me mad without knowing it? And I have to be with them like a week or two??? I might be sick and won’t show up!! I’m scared of how they are okay with it. Eww 💩 

But apparently this is my work place. 

And many will think it’s too early to let me go to business trips cuz I’m too new!