July 28, 2023


Dear ghost,

In all the future I drew, I coloured you in each corner. You were always there. If not always than in the withering moment of my life. Yet you gradually slip out of my canvas. You have failed to understand how I cave in my shell. You have not taken me out of my cave; better yet, you have not waited in front of the cave for me.

 "Yet again, I disappoint you," you say. My dearest friend, I might be as guilty as you make me feel. But remember who always start the fight? I just wanted you to wait for me because I am tired of everything this days. To leave me alone for a while because I promise I will come to you. You are free to leave me. It's your life after all. But you will take a part of me like all the others did.

Yours even as I fear to be.