The Resort, The Baby, And My Eyes


Back home now. Our stay was.. nice, I would say. I mean, it was great that we got to be together in some fancy place, all of us, but, overall.. there was really nothing extraordinary about it. Maybe because we've been to that resort plenty of times now so the allure of the place has become somewhat commonplace.

As for the baby…

It's so cute and tiny!

Legit, she automatically became the star of the family that held us all together. Older witch specifically forbade ME to carry it because she couldn't trust my "weak" and "skinny" arms.

Could you believe her?!

Just kidding. I couldn't trust my own arms, either. The baby looked so fragile and precious and I was afraid I might drop it or something. Younger witch got to carry it for hours and even with my fear of holding it myself, I started to envy the bitch eventually and was a little peeved that I was the only one in the family who hadn't carried the little one. However, in the end, I guess the older witch softened to me because she allowed me to finally carry my niece!

No cap, it took all of my willpower not to pinch those smooth and soft chubby cheeks. She looks more like her father, though. Like.. 99% just the father. Hmm.. We'll see when she grows up.

And, oh, I really hated my younger sister for this.. but, during the last night of our stay, she and I were playing cards by the pool and she wanted to make the game "interesting" by giving a consequence to the loser.

That consequence being: slamming a pillow in the loser's face.


The pillow must be filled with face powder first.

Now, had her boyfriend and our cousin joined us, it would've had slimmed the chances of me losing.

But—nah, ah, ah..

I won the trial but lost the actual game.

Giddy about doing the first execution of the punishment with a stupid grin on her face, my sister used our cousin's face powder and poured it all over the pillow. Now, before I could even protest more or at least prepare myself for it, the witch slammed the powder-filled pillow on my face.

With my eyes still wide fucking open.

As in I had powder inside my eyes.


I'm telling you, it was the weirdest kind of optical pain. The entire time, I thought my vision was done for and that I was going to be blind.

I wanted to go to the bathroom but my sister tried her hardest for me to remain where we were because going to the bathroom would mean passing by the common room where our parents were, and guessing by the guilty sound of her stifled snickers, she was afraid she'd get in trouble.

"Wait, wait.. Lemme cry, lemme cry," I said in panic, my eyes tight shut, beckoning the tears to come flowing out in the hope to wash the powder away, but I guess the godforsaken powder absorbed all of the liquid inside me because I couldn't cry at all!


It was very frustrating. Since I had no vision to lead me to the bathroom, I had no other choice but to use the pool water where my bitch of a sister guided me, all the while laughing at my misery.

Ah, getting something in the eye is one thing. But having filled BOTH of them with powder is completely another. One of the strangest and most uncomfortable feelings I've ever had. I didn't join another card game after that.

Another thing.. My older sister forcefully bought me a new phone despite my disinterest for it. They said so they would have a means to "contact me" easily. Which means I have no excuse now "not" to participate in the family group chat on Facebook.

Ah, man ..

Just as I dreaded.

It was overwhelming at first, to be obliged now to give them immediate response whenever they text or call. But once I set the family group chat on mute, it's no longer that bad, actually. If it's urgent, they could just message me directly. Overall, it's a good thing I finally have a new phone.

Also, I bought a new Rubik's Cube and guess what? My five minutes of solving it is now reduced to two.