July 03, 2023


Dear Diary,


I am having a severe headache today which in turn led to low productivity and my cook was absent too today without even telling me beforehand.

Anyways so I cooked when I was hungry. Pizza puff which I bought from the supermarket when last time I went there and it wasn't good at all.

I am craving for tea , I mean I bought a new coffee mug and I want to make a good tea using the tea leaves which my brother has brought from Assam, like I want to really have a good tea which has awesome Aroma and should taste well and that too in my new mug. Although I have failed to make a cup of tea from last two days, I will make it tomorrow morning for sure, I have decided to sleep early today after taking a painkiller because half of the day I have just wasted my time because of this headache.

A lot of things to do tomorrow. I need to wake up early. 

Good night