June 15, 2023


Dear Diary,

"Some people are like shooting Stars, they enter your life a few moments and change it forever. "


I am here after many days or I should say after many months. I wanted to write then I left writing and it went on.

I was thinking about TOD from last 2-3 days but couldn't open it and write.

In these past few months, many things changed but still everything is same. I will write about everything someday or short flashbacks in between. Today also I am writing because I don't know why I am feeling little restless from last few days and I could not figure it out why so and like always I don't have anyone to talk to about this who will be able understand so I guess I writing always helps me.

Right now I want to sleep as it's quite late here and I have to wake up early for my exam preparation and work, getting up late just piles up everything or like half of the day only remains in which I have to work and then it feels that I have shortage of time.

Good night, sweet dreams 😴

Just a random picture , even I have stopped clicking pictures, the person who used to click pictures of anything and everything.