June 03, 2023


I can't believe it :):) As soon as I saw you, I knew it's you :) You look really well, much much better than when you were with me. They care for you, all of them, they give you such a beautiful life :) It's obvious, I'm so happy for you :):) You're much older now, you've got health issues, but they take good care of you, and look, you're surrounded with children and other pets, such a warm loving family, this is what I wanted for you and my prayer was answered :):) I miss you so much, I wanted to run and hug you, but I can't. If I ever hug you again, I will not be able to let go. I can't take you away from this beautiful life, beautiful family you have now. You deserve all of it. But really, I'm happy for you, words can't express it. I can rest now, you are safe, you are loved, you are cared for, a perfect life for a senior :):) You're much older than I in human years :) 

You don't know this, or maybe you do. I was called to a particular path when I still had you. I answered but got distracted and along the way I had to give you away because my life fell apart. I returned to life (lol) yeah like this close to death, did a lot of healing and a few years later I was back on track, and I returned to the path, still on that path now. Seeing you again is I think a confirmation. I've been wondering about taking the next step in this path. There were many confirmations over the years that this is the right path for me, but seeing you again, in such a beautiful environment, just when I thought I would never see you again - I always prayed for you to have this beautiful life and as you can see, it is answered, perfectly. This is the sign I'm waiting for, so I'm taking that next step. 

I remember now as I'm typing this. I was told I would meet some souls that would play important roles in regard to my path. This was around the time I still had you. Well, I did meet one of them, we're still in contact with each other, and I'm not that good at keeping in touch :) but somehow this person is still around. I guess I will meet the rest of them through this person. Interesting. We'll see. 

None of this really matters to you, I know. So I will end it here. I'm happy for you. I love you, always. One day we'll meet again, in another place, only peace, blissful existence. Until then, enjoy your life, your companionship, delicious food and plenty of sleep :) I love you.