OnePageADay's Dear Diary

January 24, 2023
Dear Diary, still a lot left to do. Today I'm going to take a break, clear my head, some pampering, exercise. I will continue tomorrow.
Jan 24
January 21, 2023
Dear Diary, I think I'll just go ahead with it. I made a little progress in one of my projects, small but enough to take it to the next step. I will do a little bit of modification and improvement here and there as I go. Still need to decide about pr
Jan 22
January 16, 2023
Dear Diary, several ideas came to mind. I'm planning to start working on them this week.  Had a conversation with an artist friend, extremely talented person I admire and respect so much. I'm glad I decided to approach her to talk about some ideas I
Jan 16
January 10, 2023
Dear Diary, caught up with more stuffs I had neglected for months. I felt good about it but a little upset with myself. It was nice finally meeting friends and their family, but the whole time I was with them I remember how much I had missed, how muc
Jan 10
January 05, 2023
Dear Diary, it all starts coming together now. It was tough, but I managed to return to usual routine before I joined the hobby group and catch up with a lot of things I had neglected for months. I feel much better, I'm my usual self again.
Jan 05
December 27, 2022
Dear Diary, I spent like 5 mins with the hobby group, just 5 mins the whole day, and it felt good to spend so little time with them. Still a hobby to me, but much more enjoyable without the group. I think what happened is I have developed attachment
Dec 27
December 27, 2022
A new hobby has been keeping me away from writing on this site for months. Actually not that new, it returns now and then. Each time I will spend so much time and energy on it and then I will lose interest and spend my time and energy on something el
Dec 27
June 03, 2022
Dear Diary, it's been some time. The garden looks much nicer now, just a little bit more work and I'm done. No need to buy new plants, the ones we already have keep multiplying, over the years we have to dig some up to give away since it's not a big
Jun 04
May 08, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm back to gardening. The last time was a few years ago or maybe even five years ago. I don't remember what made me decided to leave it to my SO, but now I'm back and it feels great. In April I was too busy with my creative project and o
May 08
April 06, 2022
Dear Diary, I was sick for 3-4 days, pretty much started when April began. Nothing serious, just the usual cough, runny nose and sneezing. It was quite annoying though, wasn't able to sleep, so glad I've recovered.
Apr 06
March 18, 2022
Dear Diary, spring is almost here, it's almost time for spring cleaning again. I also want to do more gardening this year, I haven't done much the last 4 years. My SO does a little bit here and there, but over the years it's clear that the garden nee
Mar 18
March 03, 2022
Dear Diary, things got sorted out a few days ago. The next day felt like a brand new day and today everything returns to how it was. Can't believe it started last year and only peaked last month. I was going to tell friends about this, warning them,
Mar 02
February 28, 2022
Dear Diary, I guess some things do run in the family. I went through the same thing dealing with two different people of the same last name. I kept telling myself no they are different, but I am proven wrong to be so trusting. I'm cutting my losses b
Mar 01
February 27, 2022
Dear Diary, February is almost over. It's been emotionally draining, but the last few days I'm feeling so much relief. Losing a pet is a devastating experience and this month I'm finally able to process that grief properly after many years have passe
Feb 27
February 22, 2022
Dear Diary, I made a few posts in the forum, not bad for passing time maybe 15 mins or so. When I started there, my life situation was so much different than now and of course I was a different person then. The site was perfect for me at the time, I
Feb 22