OnePageADay's Dear Diary

November 14, 2023
Dear Diary, finally caught up on all of my projects.  Just got an amazing gift from one of my friends. It's a nice surprise and another confirmation I'm on the right path. I know I need to participate more, so that's on my bucket list. I've got som
Nov 14
October 26, 2023
Dear Diary, more decluttering and reorganizing to do. It's going to take a few weeks to get it all done.
Oct 26
October 15, 2023
Dear Diary, I looked back to how my life was this last few months last year. What a stark contrast. The only thing different was that particular hobby and the people I met through it. I decided to drop it and completely cut them off of my life and un
Oct 16
October 10, 2023
Dear Diary, I supposed to meet a friend last week but there was so much cleaning to do after reno and my SO needed a break so I had to cancel. Glad I cancelled. Lots of cleaning got done, reno dust is no joke. I even managed to squeeze in some exerc
Oct 10
October 08, 2023
Dear Diary, the time and hard work we put in, all worth it. The room looks nice and more functional, the damage is fixed. It's perfect. But I noticed it's hard on the body at our age and I'm no longer enthusiastic about reno like I used to be. Not li
Oct 08
October 02, 2023
Dear Diary, I always know she didn't really want him, but I'm still surprised she did what she did. It's not my business, doesn't affect me in any way, I make sure I keep enough distance from them. I'm just surprised she did it, I thought I was wrong
Oct 02
September 26, 2023
Dear Diary, finally, a week of rest. Nothing planned for next week other than the usual routine.
Sep 26
September 17, 2023
Dear Diary, lots of work we did the last few weeks. I'm so tired I can't even sleep. SO managed to sleep and I'm glad he did, he will wake up refreshed. It's not completely finished, at first I was disappointed, but now I'm glad because I have new i
Sep 18
September 06, 2023
Dear Diary, more ideas come to mind. These ones require more work and time, maybe even more space. I keep thinking it's going to be next year, but I know every time I make plans it always happens sooner.
Sep 06
August 26, 2023
Dear Diary, there is so much to do. I almost regret making that decision. But it has to be done and I'd like to do it properly the first time. No going back to fix and all that. I feel that this will be the last time. I'm not going to do any reno aft
Aug 26
August 22, 2023
Dear Diary, yesterday was weird, the whole day all I wanted to do was sleep. I'm glad that only lasted a day lol whatever it was. Still undecided which color is best for the walls. My SO leaves that for me to decide, yet I actually prefer to go with
Aug 23
August 17, 2023
Dear Diary, I remember how I felt when I heard that they had passed away. I was destroyed. There was so much love around me, but I didn't feel it. I was numb. I couldn't reciprocate. I couldn't love back the people who were supportive and caring. I w
Aug 17
August 06, 2023
Dear Diary, I hate reno, but it needs to be done. This time it's not going to take that long and the small jobs I can do myself in my own time, so it's not that bad.
Aug 06
July 18, 2023
Dear Diary, there is this one particular idea that keeps coming back now and then. I'm two minds about it. I can see the potential and I know I'm good at it, I've done it before and the feedback was mostly, if not all, positive. But I was on a differ
Jul 18
July 13, 2023
Dear Diary, well that was shocking not really lol
Jul 13