I'm in serious anxiety right now. I think I'm being hacked…

I was on Discord in front of my laptop, about to call Lancelot when suddenly, the notepad started to launch on its own.

And then the weirdest thing started to happen ..

I saw letters being typed on the page until the words said: "Hello. Is this Sienna?"

I moved the cursor but I had trouble with it because it was as if it was also controlled by somebody else…

I was calm, panic hadn't roused in me yet. I was just mostly confused because perhaps it could just be nothing but at the same time, the suspicion was arising.

What in the world was that?

As a precaution, I moved away from the camera's view and managed to get back to Discord to find the "preview video" still on because like I said, I was about to call Lancelot. And there I saw myself ducking down so only my forehead was seen. I immediately closed it and was horrified at the fact that the camera's view had seen my naked chest because I had no top on… Of course I wasn't going to chat with Lancelot with my breasts flashed before him, but…

What if somebody has access to my camera?

When I finally managed to close the notepad app, I shut down my computer because the whole thing was beginning to scare me and I needed time to think about what happened.

How and why…

Before the notepad incident, I recalled something popping up on the right side of my screen and me dismissing it with nonchalance because I thought maybe it was just one of those regular harmless pop-ups from my laptop asking me to upgrade something. And upon this recollection, I fairly remember the word "datto" from that particular pop-up. I looked it up from my phone and found out that it's a software company that has something to do with cybersecurity and data backup. And a few seconds after its appearance, the notepad launched and started typing on its own. With this, I tried to connect things out to make sense of what happened.

If Datto is about security, the notepad incident doesn't make any sense because there seemed to be absolutely nothing secure about it... Or maybe they were warning me about a threat—ah, I don't know. I'm very dumb when it comes to this. I'm just afraid to go back to my laptop right now. I even put a black tape over the camera so I could walk around without worrying that I'm being watched. Of course I went to Google to find the same issue from others but found none, which only amplified my concern.. Browsed for advice and such and so now I'm doing a full scan on my computer and it's still fucking scanning even when an hour has already passed. Zero threats detected so far but damn, when will it end?

Okay, so I'm back on Discord on my computer, the scan still in progress, Lancelot on the other end. Just a voice call, too scared to video yet. I told him what happened, from the notepad launching on its own, Sienna, the cursor being controlled by someone else, me ducking down… "—and when I returned to Discord, I found myself lowering my head down from the 'preview video' screen—"

"Ooh, imagine you saw someone else!" the bastard interrupted and legit, this scared me because it's 3am right now and I am more afraid of people than supernatural entities.

"Shut up!" I whined, thinking how horrifying it would've been.

I went on with my story and my worries and when I got to the part where I told him that the "other person" seemed to only have control in the notepad because outside that, I could move the cursor just fine, the guy was like, "Ahhhh. I think I know what's going on."

For a moment, I felt a sense of relief because he said it in a positive note. He said it might just be a virus designed to automatically write specific words like the one I received, to scare someone and that it wasn't really an actual person typing that right at that moment. "That, or you're in some kind of horror movie," he added, which didn't help me at all. But even before that, when he started explaining and mentioned “virus”, the momentarily relief I felt automatically dropped because the word “virus” isn’t really something I should be grateful about.

God, I hope this is nothing 😭 Cos this truly is one of my fears. Being monitored without my knowing, someone having access to my private files…

After almost two hours, the scan was finally complete. Zero threats, it said, but can I really trust that?

"Are you in bed?" I asked Lancelot at around four since the quality of his audio changed, meaning he switched to his phone from his desktop.

"Yeah, cos it seems you don't want to talk to me, nor watch The Walking Dead."

We're done with Misfits after the 3rd season even when there's like two seasons left. After Nathan's departure, the whole show just became garbage and it got even worse when two other original main characters left. Lancelot thinks the same so this really made me confused because why the hell is this still his favourite series, then?

"I mean, if you'd disregard the other seasons and just end it at Season 2, then it's a really good show. I enjoyed it so much, I've watched it plenty of times."

Hmm… Well, when he puts it like that, he's got a point, I think.. But anyway, now it's my turn to watch my favourite TV show, The Walking Dead, together with him. I haven't watched the last season so I'm excited for that. Lancelot has watched five or six seasons a long time ago and he's mostly forgotten the events so I'm really jealous because it would've been so nice to once again experience the pure thrill and suspense it gave me when I watched it the first time.

We're in Season 5 now out of 11.

"I wanted to watch it with you,” I said to him. “I told you I was about to call you and then the notepad thing happened. It spoiled my mood.” We fell into a dreary silence as my mind still lingered around the idea of a hacker. “Just who the fook is Sienna?" I complained a minute later in frustration and irritation.


"Sienna! From the notepad."

"Oh, right,” Lancelot said, remembering. “Fook her. I hate her so much."

I weakly chuckled despite it all. There's a character on Misfits that's got an accent which is pretty difficult to understand and we'd always imitate her whenever she'd say "fook yah" until the whole thing became a part of our language.

Sigh. I hope I'm alright and that that was just a harmless incident… I was so preoccupied about it that it didn't even bother me when Lancelot said I was right about something I said before.

"What?" I asked.

"I said you were right. A love story is now happening between me and Claire."

"A what?"

"Love story. You said our hatred for each other will turn to romance one day and now it's finally happening."


"Wow. Just okay."

I internally sighed. "Okay, what happened?"

Then he told me how the girl was suddenly being all nice to him during the meeting with his colleagues and even gave him a compliment before she announced she was leaving the team she was leading, something he wanted so badly to happen because he doesn't like her and wants to lead the team himself.

"What did she say?"

"She said that I look younger and asked whether I was on holiday. I don't know if she was being sincere." He said all this in transparent amusement as I watched his face stretched into a smile the entire time on the computer screen because he turned his camera on.

"What did you say?"

"I said: 'Really? I thought my beard made me look older.'" He tilted his face from side to side to feel the beard I told him to grow. "Is it true? Do I look really younger with my beard?"

"Uhm, I don't know. But it certainly looks good on you."

I had suggested to him to grow it long because of my obsession with Vikings. I wanted him to grow it like Rollo's…

Of course, his facial hair is far from Rollo's length. In fact, it's actually just short but he's never grown it that thick before.

My fear and anxiety about going around my computer slowly subsided and we ended up watching two episodes of The Walking Dead.