January 29, 2023


Dear Diary,


I wanted to write since 4 days but end up not writing any day as I am just being lazy these days...

26th Jan- I suddenly got to know that my parents are going to Ranchi ofcourse the obvious reasons, marriage and all, all I don't understand that why they go the person whom I have already said no, Idk why they just don't trust my judgement for once, although later they realise everytime that my judgement was right. Anyways, then my brother called me and said he will be coming the next day only for the day.

27 Jan - My brother came and we went to see the flats and finalized that 4bhk coz he wanted a property there only but I didn't liked 3 bhk so, this one we are buying is quite big and spacious, but I am happy, maybe 3-4 months it will take to be ready to move in,, so finally, papa will be happy, although we haven't broke the news to them I mean mummy papa or anyone and I have left this on him only to tell them.

Later I cooked lunch for us and as always he always loves whatever I cook, later in the evening he went back to Gurgaon.

28-29 Nothing much happened, although I made a new friend,  but yaa far away, let's see how long it goes...


That's all..

Since yesterday I want to drink, I mean yesterday I was craving for it maybe but I thought to avoid it this month, let's see if I will do that, I doubt myself in this.