January 22, 2023


Dear Diary,

I just made my travel plan. Feel so good, excited. I know i'll be alone, and some of it looks difficult, i have never done a trip so long, alone, without a fix purpose. 

I did ask Dawrani, it would have been better with him, but ofcourse he cant come. 

So, It's just me. But i am excited. 

I dont know how i am going to manage work, buit i have decided this time to be really slow and not rush about anything. I just want to stay in a different place. 

Lets see... ;) 

It was a good day overall, got few things done, met chhawari, it was good. Although i think i spoke too much, i should have spoken a little less and could have listened more. I need to revisit my new year's list. 

I am also looking for other jobs randomly, i dont like it here. It is because, here i always feel like i am in a competition with navid or someone and at times i make a fool of myself by talking inaccurately, because i feel competitive. 

One thought is, that i think i should stay more and learn to make a fool of myself a little less, learn to talk better, navid and the rest of the team here can actually be a good stage for me to train myself to communicate better, to take decisions better. I know the work isnt too exciting, but it'll be only somewhat better at another indian startup or maybe not. But this is a good oportunity for me to learn the things i never learnt at kiot. To present your ideas more clearly. And winning with rationale. So, i should stay longer. 


By the way. The next note i am writing to you, i am writing in Spanish. ✌️

Goodnight 💕