January 21, 2023 #404


Dear Diary, Day 5 ends!! I made it!! My dad will be allowed to go outside according the covid patients policy bu the government. My little sister’s still healthy. I have to do her antigen test tomorrow morning before she leaves. 

I took my sister to outside for the first time since probably last Sunday. We are free now, sis!! I promised her to get her mcdonald's but our nearest shop were full! We didn’t want to sit close to others. I was sure that we aren’t infected with covid but I felt bad for the people. We went to spaghetti place instead. We will go to MacDonald tomorrow. 

Idk but my dad was thinking he can start stay in the same room with us again because he finished decided period. But no. It was him that spending 10 days alone is more effective and realistic than 8 days. 

So I asked my cousin whose whole family got covid and they live next to our grandpa’s house. I asked him how long did he avoid to see him in person to protect his health. 

He said, before he saw our grandpa, he took one extra week after his covid grounding was over. 

So I decided not to invite dad to living dinning room at least for three days.