January 17, 2023


Dear Diary,

"Kabhi khud pe, kabhi haalat pr rona aaya,  baat nikli toh har ek baat pe rona aaya.

Aur hum toh samjhe the ki hum bhul gaye hain unko, fir aaj ye kis baat pe rona aaya,

Aur kaun rota hai kisi aur k khatir ye dost, sabko apni hi kisi baat pr rona aaya."

~Shahir Ludhyanvi 

(Above lines describe the dard ka rishta, trasfer of empathy )


Just finished watching the podcast of Zakir Khan on Ranveer Allahbadia's YouTube channel, actually I came a short clip of this podcast many days ago but could not watch it completely but today I watched it.  I have many such podcasts to watch on my watch later playlist of different personalities on different channels but I don't get enough time to watch all these coz I am just busy in watching cringe contents but I guess nothing is cringe as I am watching it and different audience have different choices. I am always a big fan of Zakir Khan, he is so inspiring, especially I loved Tathastu  also. In this video I mostly liked the thing that world runs on trust and that is very beautiful thing, people do believe on verbal trust and things keep going.

Diary, I like talking to strangers as I want to know their stories, their mindset, their perception to see things, sometimes I learn something, sometimes I don't like someone else's pov but that is my perception, the person on the other hand is completely free to think and act on his/her way. 

One of the reason is that I want to be a listener as everyone needs a listener, most of the times a listener too needs a listener, and I could be one, why not, and I feel its easy for people to talk and express to a stranger or a third person who is out of context as their is no fear of being judged or any kind of biasness, that's why people talk to therapist instead of their family and friends.

And I have a wish that although I may be a short story or a paragraph or a chapter in someone's book of life, he/she should always remember me, I mean not daily or something but they should forget me ever, atleast they should remember me on something and smile. Some people can remember me for something bad too but that will be rare.

Logo ki zindagi me ek chaap chorna chahati hun, shayad kisi ko meri koi baat yaad reh jaaye ya kisi ki kahani ka koi chhota sa hissa ban jaun par itti si khawaish hai mujhe ki bhool na paye mujhe... 

Have a good day!