January 14, 2023


Dear Diary,

Thand kya hoti hai, yahan koi thand nai hai, bas ek do hafte k liye aaya tha.

You know what from past few days I feel that I look so pretty, I mean my face 🤣 self appreciation but what to do yaa except the fact that I am fat so only good face, God knows if I would be able to go back to the old body ever in this life. I strave in the process of eating less but Idk nothing happens. Anyways let's be happy with the pretty face 🧿 lol.

No sort of special things are happening in life but yes I am fine and at this moment I am happy, I am sitting at the terrace, enjoying the gentle wind blowing and listening to the various sound and music coming from different places. And yes, I make amazing tea. ☕

I went to donate some fruits and laddus which is my new Saturday ritual these days.

I am craving for some good dinner but Idk what to eat ya but dinner has been prepared already but I can eat that tomorrow but what to eat now?? That's a big question, what should I cook or order idk, let's see.

Deewana hua, mastana hua, teri chahat me kitna fasana hua,

Teri aane ki khushboo, tere jaane ka manjar, tujhe milna padega ab zamana hua...

For now listen to the song below 👇