November 24, 2022: Meet Flamingo, the Tamilian guitarist


Welcome back to my Hinge journal! We meet again to talk about another guy: Flamingo.

This was an unexpected one.
After Panda, I was a little frustrated with everything and he was just adding salt to injury. The toughest part of being an overachiever is that you don't know how to take time off for yourself. You just wait for fire to re-ignite.
And re-ignite it did, dear reader.

I've been making mad progress with TRM (The Red Megaphone, if I lost you here. Remember this for future reference!) I've been braining with new people, I might join the British Council Library, I'm thriving in my maybe-I-should-just-date-myself era like insane. I love myself. And I'd love to be amused. And amused I am.

I opened with a pun.
That's how bored I was.

It was a prompt about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and I said----
Look who just went back to the chat only to find out that that was someone else😭🌿 AHAHAHHAHA another story for another time.

The dude texted first. 
He said he could harmonize.

Cut to 15 minutes later, we dueted "Fly me to the moon" via voicenotes. Who has two thumbs and is living the Glee fantasy? This gal!

A beautiful baritone. He's doing International Relations from a private university. But he wants to pursue music. And his music taste be fiiiine.

This dude does music on a full-time basis. His voice. That's what made me smirk for the very first time. 

He called me stunning hehehehhehe. Validation for the week received :)

I told him how I hate winters. He told me how he loved cuddling. I was today years old when I found out that there are no clothes involved in the process :)

But I like him. 
He's goofy, he remind me of Hyderabad, he patient, he even listens? 
Dude got excited when I told him I'd like to go out with him too.

Now the problem is 
We really wanna go on a date but

*stamps feet like a 5-year-old*

(This journal entry would've been much more detailed and well-written if it were not for my ded era)