November 22, 2022


Dear World,

Weightloss and kids sometoimes don't mix well. I know of one situation where all goes sour as soon as it happens. The kids get sick and you catch it too. At least that happens to me. I don't really want to toss everyone in the same boat as I'm in.

Case at hand, Kids have bronchitis and gave it to me too. My lovely little germ spreaders with the coughing, sneezing and tissues everywere. The sentence pick up your tissues and put them in the trash is a constant one right now. I'm coughing up a lung or maybe two also and I have low energie. 

I recieved a juicer from MIL and found a immune booster juice and/or smoothie for us all. 1/4 red beet, 1-2 carrots, 1 apple and a piece of ginger root. For the kids I add a sip or two of real OJ. So far they love it and drink it. Gets a few veggies in them.

Workouts are a dream right now. No more like a plan witout a start date hoenstly.  I can hardly do laundry or clean anything without a coughing fit. Imagine what would happen if I were to do Zumba. I would end up in a oxygen tent! 

Np, no, no, right now it's rest and only light jobs. Like cooking, dishwasher and maybe laundry. No more and with big breaks inbetween. Bronchitis won't last forever. And hopefully I won't fall sick with something else. I have been sick the last 2,5 weeks. Fisrt the flu, then this.