November 17, 2022 #365


Dear Diary, to be honest, I am messing up my sleep schedule again. I just didn’t want to fall asleep last night and somehow I was watching BoJack Horseman… I didn’t actually find it fun or interesting but I guess I liked the graphics. I stopped watching it around 2 am. Why was I doing it? That’s obvious but I couldn’t fall asleep. 

This experience made me decided to stay away from screen before bed. 

I woke up at 9 but fell asleep again around 10 or eleven. I was thinking to go walk but mmm I am still training myself. This is not because of my personality. Actually I can do this. I am just not used to healthy life style but I will. 

I will!!

Omg I think crows acting little bit weird these days. Earthquakes hit a lot too. I am worrying if some severe earthquake will happen near future.  

Today, I went to the library and enjoyed an art book. I don’t go art museum by myself anymore because it’s expensive and museums are far away from here. And art inspiration doesn’t come to me these days. I haven't make any doodle comics for almost a year. Mmm but just looking at the pages with descriptions made me feel like I am little bit closer to my actual self again.. 

I enjoyed watching tv with my family after dinner. I was laughing. It was quite while I guess. 

Thank goodness