[Nov16, 2022] embarrasing


Dear Diary,

It was nothing much now if I think about it.. last Sunday kk came to the temple and I ignored him all the time didn't see his side even once but at the time of leaving I was going towards canteen and he was leaving so he was going towards the main gate. He left. After few secs my frnd 'I' who left at the same time called me and told me your parents are waiting outside go there and I thought she said they were waiting for me so we can leave but when I got out he was standing there I still went towards my car and asked my mom then she said why'd you came outside-_- I was like I ma not going anywhere now.

the point is what If he is thinking I came outside to see him it's so embarrassing aaaaahhh

I told 'I' I wont come there or show my face before 3rd dec whatever happens . I want him to forget abt this and my face. I don't want to see his face nor I want to show him mine .

And I kinda feel like he likes my frnd 'I'......