November 14, 2022 #361


Dear Diary, I started watching Titans. It’s good enough to distract myself from thinking about meaningless negative thoughts. The screen was dark almost all the time. That’s helpful. 

I am trying to learn how to cope with my mental health problem/s. Sugar and artificial sweetener are bad. Well I forgot how they work:P and caffeine. Everything is about hormone balance. cortisol‼︎ And also the reason why anxiety attack happens when I wake up. That’s kinda natural but I need to be more relaxed which means less cortisol. 

Both of my doctor.. my psychiatrist and gynecologist told me estrogen doesn’t affect my mental health but I read lack of estrogen causes lack of serotonin. Ha read em!  I explained my gynecologist that I got period without any help but taking Zoloft. 

…But estrogen pill gives me additional mood swings and sickness. So Funny :(

I made appointment for my next therapy session on this Wednesday.