November 13, 2022 #360


Dear Diary, I started micro journaling with Daylio app and it’s been a month. My mood graph shows I have been a low place for a week. But today it shows I am feeling “okay” which I set up as manageable. 

I do yoga poses practice for 20 minutes. Stretching my body felt nice. 

I waited for my sister to eat lunch with till 3pm. 

I went walk under the sun. It felt kinda good. 

I got a message from my friend. 

…To be honest I haven’t write her back for like half a year. I feel really bad… Sometimes I can’t help myself to do this. But she gave me a message and that’s very kind of her to do so. So I think I can explain. And the news she delivered was that she’s coming to my country this month. Wow I should feel so excited because isn’t it so exciting? We met in her country and now she’s coming my country. But now I am not like I was before. I am hopeless. No stable job…well I was a uni student back then. No friends I can contact freely. 

Basically I am sad and awkward person. I easily get exhausted. What I do? I think I can reply back tomorrow. 

The second pic was from the other day. It’s sunrise.