September 23, 2022 Fantasies


Dear Diary,


Its 0:51 am , you know what I don't like to drink anymore, I have lost all the interest, it tastes awful but what to do to finish the bottle, I am sacrificing my liver, ohh my poor liver, pls bear it for some more days, I don't enjoy drinking at all as I always did or what I have always thought, maybe coz I am all alone at home and no partner to sit and to cry their heart out that's why I don't enjoy or I don't have anyone infront of me to dance with me when we are tipsy or to love me or feed me when I am high..

So my poor liver has to bear all the trauma, somedays more after that I don't know whether I will ever drink alcohol or not. 

Dear diary, I guess I am getting better day by day, I mean I don't feel like crying, obviously I am anxious in the morning but I am getting better.
Diary, I am sharing my 2 wishes here,
1) I like reading books and I have always thought that I am travelling somewhere reading a book and then I leave the book on my seat with a sweet message and someone, expecting someone to be of opposite gender finds it and smile reading my notes, Idk what I want further in this story but atleast I want this, I don't want anyone like some old people or young people or some creepy person to find it, I want someone like me to find it.
But sadly I don't even get amazing fellow passengers.
2) I wish to write a letter or to write my wishes or to write my sorrow in a paper and then to put it in a glass bottle and then to throw it in a sea or Ocean, and I don't know if ever it will reach to the shore or it will sink, I don't know anything about it but I want to this in the hope that someday it will reach to any shore and any person sitting anywhere near the sea finds it.
I know everything is weird but I have such fantasies, Idk why but I have many such weird fantasies.
Hope someday everything will come true 🤞🏻 .
Atleast I will try this bottle thing whenever I visit a beach next time.

Dear diary, I manifest a happy and fulfilled life for me with a loving partner with a healthy relationship between us.

You know what I read somewhere that drinking whiskey everyday, I mean a drink everyday and that be whisky is good for health. Is it so??