September 17, 2022


Dear ghost,

I want you to accidentally see me from the half opened door as I dance in the room. So that you will wonder about me. About how strange I am. Then, as you stand holding the umbrella in the rain, you will smile with your eyes and walk away on the asphalt road. When you open the door to your forlorn home, you will search for the speaker and play the most mainstream song. At first, you will tap your feet. Then, Wiggle your toes and Bob your head. Bit by bit, you will be dancing in your room because God! life is tedious. Your life does not feel like it belongs to you. Like you doesn't deserve this. Like you deserve better. Like you should just give up but the song is such a tiktok song and you don't really like it but you are stuck with it- much like your life. So it's hilarious. So you laugh as  you can't stop feeling like you should dance to this.  So dance like the world is watching you and the world is you. As long as you are brave enough to see it.

Your ballerina