June 21, 2022, An unsent letter


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was such an emotional high for me.  

It was her bday, we went on a small trip to Kanha village. 

She looked very pretty, This, I wanted to say, but I could not 😄. 

We stopped at that garden, and that lake, and then the Kanha shantivanam. 

When I am with her, I do not remember the world outside. I know my world is complete.

And don't ask me how hard it is to say goodbye. Not knowing, when I'll see her again. 

Anyway. i tried to write her a bday note, well it's not exactly the kind of birthday note i send her every year. This year I wanted to do something else. You know. 😄

I could not complete it though. So it's a poem, written half, and never sent...


I have wished heartfully to many. But you Honey, have my whole heart.

You are my hope, my breeze in the summer, my sunshine in the rain. The sweet song of the birds, I cannot explain.

The lips I want to bite. The hands I want to hold tight.
You are the poem I want to recite. You, Honey, are the moon of my night.

You touched my soul like someone dropped a stone. In a lake that was still before. It'll never be the same again. The soul will never be at rest again.

I adore you. You are special....


When standing in her balcony, I kept thinking if I should tell her, but like always I didn't have the courage, and fear of losing her or not doing something right took over. I am a little sad about that, just a little. But I am a lot more happier for the day. 

P.S - Forgive me for never sending it to you, you know me😄.