April 25, 2022 #169 rambling about notebook uses


Dear Diary,

I started another notebook today. 

It was from flying tiger. It looks as if it has a biscuit design. 

It was for bullet journaling. I don’t know why it says so cuz that method doesn’t require any specific tools. But anyway it says bullet planner on its cover. 

On its forking cover. I tend to care this kind of tiny bitty thing for nothing. 

If it were said bullet journal, that was all fine. But when it’s PLANNER It makes me feel uncomfortable little bit. 

But I decided to use it as my everyday carry. I already have another notebook for schedule. 

The new one is for anything other than schedule that BUJO can cover.  

I can do sketch, jotting down comic ideas or tea blend recipes with rating and and many more whatever I like. The note book has elastic band so I can feel comfortable. 

I’ve already started tea recipes. I enjoyed writing down comments as if I were a professional sommelier. 

However, there is a problem. How to make sections separated. I think I want to keep tea recipes in one section. Comic idea or other sketches I don’t care but hmm… I need to determine how many pages I want to leave for this section. 

I am planning to have character idea a day section. I think it’s gonna be 3 pages for a month. So that I can doodle 7 new characters and the character of the week in one page. Sounds cool. 

I love blank notebooks. The reason can not be clearer. It’s because they make me feel like a creative person.