January 08, 2022


Dear Diary,

I feel like I have already talked about this here but this time IS A SERIOUS DOPE!

So I have been watching tarot reading and I saw one again yesterday (now just for fun) she said he'll look foreigner can have green, brown or hazel eyes blonde brownish hair and will not look like from your country but will have origins from there, will be different from your ideal type and will attract you instantly also we will have a lot of online texting. ALSO one of the tarot readers said I might have of will (have a chance) of meeting him in my high school time (I'm in 12th)

. DAMN today I went to my school for vaccination (It's getting interesting here now~) I don't have friends and the ones I have, have been hanging with their other friends so I was all the time on insta. They called us, we went there. I was giving my info and this boy was standing next to me I have actually seen him so many times but never paid attention but he was EXACTLY HOW SHE DESCRIBED HE HAD FUCKING GREEN EYES I NEVER SAW ANYONE WITH GREEN EYES IN MY COUNTRY TILL NOW how come I never noticed this!!! he has BLONDE HAIR (kind of blonde brownish mix yeah he doesn't have black hair asians have black hair BUT HE DOESN'T) and little freckles, is a little taller than me a little bit. and wears round aesthetic glasses.

Boys never talked with me nicely but I was literally shaking there with nervousness and he kept giving me eye smiles. and when It was my turn I sat on the chair and asked the nurse (lol) will it hurt. That's when I saw him his mask down and he was smiling looking at me more like he knows I am nervous (which was kinda obvious) My turn was over it pained a Lil bit but that's fine (I am afraid of needles) at least I got vaccinated. after that he went I saw his friend making his video I was outside rubbing cotton and he came out. eye contact. again smile. AHH. I took some courage and asked him 'did it hurt?' I was hoping that he'll not reply rudely or make fun of me but he smiled warmly, teeth on display OMG INSTANT CRUSH sunlight on his face IDK why suddenly he looked so good lmao even tho I have seen him before. He kinda looked like American soft boyfriend material types YK college and all.

I came home and msged my friend "do you know any green-eyed guy in our standard?" she gave two names I knew one guy ... the second one was him! she said she saw me talking with him lol.

I searched his insta and sent him follow request and he texted me who are you? lol that's my fake id I left him on my msg requests. I will tell him after I get out of this school. Let's see what happens cuz she said we will meet when we will be big, working but now we're still students. and he'll go through some shit or smthng in his relationships which I feel like didn't happen yet.

I'am not in a hurry anyways I have to earn money and become rich IF he is really the ONE then I'll meet him again

anyways after seeing him and remembering my tarot reading I was so fucking happy that I slept all day today lol