December 30, 2021 #141


Dear Diary, it’s day before the New Year’s Eve! Ohhh my goodness!!! I can’t believe this.

But umm, this December was nice. I can feel something was changed in me. I didn’t give up the 30 days challenge, which was doing 15 minuets of tidying up. I don’t mean I have done 15 minuets perfectly everyday but I didn’t went bed without throw away some pieces of used paper.  What will I achieve up coming month? 

I went to a park with my sister and did badminton. Two days in a low. She doesn’t like exercise and me neither but she seems like she likes playing badminton. I don’t have much hp so yep… We enjoyed anyways. She’s going to go to a theater tomorrow. I might go too. But donno if I watch the film together. I’d rather have a cup of tea and some snacks at a cafe.