December 20, 2021 #129


Dear Diary, I slept sooo long today. Till around two pm. I got off the bed once at ten am and had breakfast then went to back in my bed to avoid to hear vacuum cleaner noise. And fell asleep… 

Went walk after lunch but it was about 2000 steps. I had to stay home with my little sister while my parents go shopping. 

I tried hard to make my sister take a nap because her hallucinations get obvious when her brain is tired. It was hard. After she finished one DVD of a concert, she started a coloring page yawning. But she didn’t feel like taking a nap. She started to scrolling her phone screen, yawning. I came up with an idea that I urge her to use her phone in the bed. This one worked well that she fell asleep while she was using her phone and didn’t wake up till my parents back. They suggested us to eat out at sushi restaurant. 

Then we had good time. 

While my sister was sleeping, I finally filled my first page of travelers notebook from Midori. Mine is small size but you know it was still expensive so I had no idea what to do on the first sketch on it. I ended up filling the page with color checking.