December 10, 2021


Dear Diary,

just want to share this hehe I believe in soulmates and things like we can meet our soulmate in dreams smthng like that ppl may think I'm childish but idk I just believe it. Today I saw one dream lol did u see that coming hehe anyways in which I saw myself as independent and can say kind of rich not that much but I was financially stable wearing good clothes and all (I kinda looked professional) and I met this guy he was broken sad and depressed. I entered his house he was not talking that much but he was looking sad his house was a mess, no sunlight ,everything closed, he wasn't talking was just there. I went inside.. his house was dirty with webs as if hasn't cleaned since years near the door there were three pots with cracked dry muds and small green plants in them as if they were trying to grow but no one was watering them. I went inside and there was a shelf in which there were photo frames of so many gods but that area too looked like someone hasn't touched it since years. there were so many used incense sticks left outs. In the dream I was thinking 'he should not keep his house like this.. all this attracts negativity' after that idk where he went but then I saw his mom don't remember her face she was saying something idk smthng like she left him after that he became like this smthng like that it wasn't that clear. I woke up ig after that but I was still sleepy half in the dream not aware that I woke up and I imagined myself as becoming his frnd and trying to cheer him up he looked sad at first but smiled a little after that I also heard him say 'don't come close to me god doesn't wants me to be happy' which ig shows how much depression he was in. I saw myself watering those plants with good clothes on ,him seeing the plants grow smiling a bit. and then my brother woke me up. This is not how I imagine my future spouse tho but ig it was just a mere weird dream which popped out of no where. anyways if u read this thanks also lmao his face was skz chan's face lol.