MVFNDNFIVDN...yesssss slay queen!!!


I got a vanilla lavender drink with some tacos PLUS Baskin robbins and my mom's friend paid me $100 to clean her daughter's room YAY and I got bought me a new phone cover, 2 new pairs of earrings and some really cute sweatpants on shein now we wait a month for it to arrive >_< -_- and also today a friend confessed their feelings to me and I said thank there's that and my best friend and her boyfriend asked me for a threesome but I don't I'm gonna do it since I'm a virgin and I don't want my first time to be like that. The police came to school today searched 3 classrooms and took lots of photos searched the trashcans and interrogated some teachers, me and y bestie smelled weed earlier so maybe that it and also some boys light fireworks in school, they were so pretty...the fireworks and the boys :3 

oooo you can add photosssss niceeee<3