November 25, 2021


Dear Diary,

I'm a senior in high school and we're about to end the second semester while I have no idea what to pursue after I graduate. I feel so much pressure, its there and its weighing down on me.

The pressure to have a career and put my efforts into creating a financially stable home for me and my future wife, the pressure to make my parents and my girlfriends parents proud and to prove them wrong of the quick judgement they had of me.

Pressure to just grow into a responsible working adult as well, I'm 18 and life is coming fast and I'm just not as prepared as I should be.

For years I've struggled to find an interest in something I can pursue and the deadline is coming close. 

There are obvious alternatives if I can't decide when the time comes.

Picking up a trade or going to the military will always be a back up plan if I need one. A trade school could be plan A but I don't know which trade to pursue and I'm scared that I'll have to force myself into one and then later regret it.

I'm scared to disappoint Lois of all people, she's my partner in life and I need to show her that her parents aren't right about me, that I'll be successful and be a good provider for her.