October 27, 2021


Dear Me,

 You have a problem. You really just spent what 100 160 140 100/ 500 fucking dollars at the casino when you have a car in the fucking shop what is your problem what is your problem you have yourself sitting on the floor in a public restroom so you don’t go back out to the car so fast loosing 100$ what is your problem why can’t you just learn to walk the fuck away. 

Why are you always chasing that fucking level people are on just cause they can put 100 in and loose it in minutes and keep going dosent mean you have the same life same money same goals in the world you have three teens and a sister you take care of and a father you supposed what’s your fucking problem. 

You should of just left like your husband said you should of just took the already loss and now your crying on the bathroom floor look at yourself. 

Your pathetic your a piece of shit your your mother and your father you just don’t abuse drugs or alcohol your pathetic piece of shit.