October 15, 2021


Dear Diary,

Kemper fell asleep on the recliner last night so Luke was showing me how to play Red Dead Redemption. It was after two in the morning before I woke Kemper up to go to bed. It was fun playing the game. I don’t really play video games at all but there is something about that game that intrigues me.

Kemper mentioned that Luke will be gone in about a week or so. I haven’t minded him being here but it will be nice to have the place to ourselves again.

Kemper loaded eight pallets of wood pellets. He put in a pellet stove and he says we shouldn’t have to run the heat as much. 

He also spent last week making sure our freezers were full of meat, frozen vegetables, bread. He even included some game hens for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also stocked the pantry with dry goods and said we shouldn’t have to buy much for groceries this winter. And he is right, we have more than enough for the two of us. And I can make about anything.

It is nice, don’t get me wrong but I’m getting anxious about winters here. This will be my first and it feels very ominous.

He says the last thing he is going to do is get toiletries, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, and cat litter and food. So on Sunday that is what we are going to do. 

Then he said our very small little grocery store should be able to have whatever else is needed. That grocery store never has much and should probably be considered a glorified convenience store. You also pay a lot more for items there.

I like how Kemper is preparing. It is comforting but I’m not ready for winter at all. 🙅🏼‍♀️

Kemper keeps saying the roads go to shit/close a lot and making the hour drive to Walmart won’t be an option. 

I’m such a baby, when he said that I about cried. 

He does this every autumn though. 

His shop will get practically zero business in the winter, besides working on snow plows or snowmobiles. And even then, that isn’t often either. 

He is putting in long hours at the shop too. Trying to get as much work scheduled and done before they close for “on call” hours. Which means they aren’t open everyday but if you call and can bring it in, they will open the shop to work on your vehicle.

Hopefully this winter is extremely mild.