October 13, 2021


Dear Diary, so the posters have arrived. The Berserk one turned out great, I really love it. But the Tatami Galaxy one turned out blurry. They used an image with a resolution too low for a big poster. I wrote customer service and they gave me a coupon to order something else. The Berserk one probably turned out better because it was by the actual artist and not just someone who grapped the jpg of the internet. So it would have been wise to take another artist one. But I didnt find one like that and I saw a jojo one I really like. I hope this one was made with a higher resolution. Maybe its dumb to not learn from my mistakes. Oh well if it turns out bad I will write them again and try again till I find something.

I also thought about printing my own version of the Tatami Galaxy one. I couldnt find a high resolution image of it either but I found an alternative version. I like it even better because its more colorful. The resolution is a bit better although I think its still too low for a poster. I tried using an AI Upscaling website. That made the resolution a lot better, but some details always look smudgy when you do that. I'm not sure how it would look. For some reason messing around with image files is a constant in my life, I did it at least since middle school. Maybe thats the norm for my generation idk. Anyway I put this alternative version and the jojo one in the images.

I already have a jojo poster actually. Knights friend gave it to me for my birthday 2 years ago. I like it but its from part 3 which is not my favorite. Having a part 8 poster like that would be cool.

Last week I wanted to go in Dune with a friend but he got sick about one hour before the film started. I had already bought the tickets online and couldnt cancel it anymore. So I went to the cinema alone and asked the guy if I could get a refund. It was possible, but the guy misunderstood and thought I would go into the movie alone. WhenI noticed he had already refunded only the one card despite me telling him that we wanted ro see the movie another time. I wasnt able to correct his mistake and said nothing. My friend said that he would give me the money I lost, but I still felt bad. It was also his fault for not saying something sooner though.

On friday my dad married. It was ok, my family wasnt as bad as I expected. One of my aunts questioned me about my studies of course and kept asking what I want to do with it afterwards. I hate these questions so much. I really wanted to be sarcastic and say "I'm still deciding between hedgefond manager and circus director" but I kept my cool. Best thing about it was that we went to a pretty fancy italian restaurant afterwards. So I got to eat some really good expensive food. What was weird though, was that my dad seemed to be in kind of a bad mood. He kept being really blunt with his new wife. I even found myself defending her, even though I dont like her that much. Maybe mom was right and he didnt actually care about the marriage and they did it just for money reasons. Anyway its none of my business.

Yesterday two people sent me friend requests on discords. They came to my server about a week ago but hadnt said anything. They both sent a lot of gifs from tictoc and general meme stuff. I found it really weird to just do that with someone you dont know. They both had female avatars so I guess they are two bored zoomer girls or sth. They mentioned that they had sent two other people friend requests but that they hot deleted and now they were sad. One of them said that a lymph node on her neck was swollen and she just threw up. And they kept witching between english and german. Honestly I couldnt tell of they were trolling me. I was intentionally kind of boring to disperse whatever intentions they have. If you are two defensive to a troll they keep trying more. I think they were just bored though. Maybe they expected me to treat them special because they are E-girls or whatever. But I really dont think someone like them could become my girlfriend. So I just told the one girl that I hope she gets better and that they are welcome on the server. Today they didnt write which is good I guess.

Sorry for the boring topics today I hope things will get more interesting again when unu starts. Oh and I'm playing Metroid Dread btw and its awesome!