October 12, 2021


Dear Diary, I had a dream that didn't feel like a dream, it's quite vivid. I woke up and was grumpy the whole day. But now I think it's strange why did I let a dream ruin my mood the whole day. It's a dream. If it comes true, well I've been warned. If it doesn't, good. I think it upset me because I believe it will come true, but there is no particular reason why I believe so. Should I tell my SO? The dream is about me, but it reminds me of another dream I had before I met my SO. Nothing specific, just a feeling that it has something to do with him as well. He is not really into these stuffs, so it won't matter I mention it or not. I'll just make a note somewhere, whatever I can remember of that dream, and see if anything comes up in the next few weeks, months? Beyond that, I'll probably forget all about it. A friend wanted to meet sometime this week, but I was in a bad mood so I said next week or something. It's unusual for me to do that unless I'm very busy, but I can't change it now.