The Birthday Party


[ENTRY 14..✍]

Just got home from the party. No cute guy. Most of the people invited were adult relatives. I mean.. Lmao, excuse me. Shit. Sometimes I forget I am also an adult. What I was saying is that they're old enough to be my uncles and aunties. No cute guy around my age. Although I prefer older men, truth be told. Point is there was no one there worth mentioning about. Most of the night, we just stayed in Venice's room and chatted.

Esther was also there. I felt a little guilty not inviting her yesterday with Cara Dean but it was only because I knew Cara had some kind of issue with her that dated way back when we were still in high school. You know the kind of friend whom you hang out with because you're in the same circle of friends and altogether you have fun and all but when you two are left alone, it's not the same? Haha. That's what I was thinking about Cara and Esther's relationship. It's like there's a wall between them. So Cara and I didn't tell anyone about our date yesterday. Not even Venice. But all four of us had a great time chatting and playing with Venice's daughter who by the way is sooo cute. I can't believe she's the same child whom Venice used to think of aborting and I was there being a supportive friend about it. I suddenly hated myself for what we could've almost done. The little girl's an absolute angel. I'm not really fond of children but sometimes they're fun and okay.

Anyway, regarding my search for a guy to put an end to my sexual frustrations, I'll just stop looking. Whatever. I'm tired. I don't care anymore. I'll just go ahead and finish writing the novel I started out last year.

Peace out ✌️